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We are a skilled team of 4 professionals who will make all necessary arrangements for your legal and internationally acknowledged marriage.

Who we are

We are a multicultural and multilingual team of 4 professionals. We met at an LGBT wedding, the grooms (Tolga and Kenan) and witnesses (Marcos and Julia). After this happy experience we decided to organise weddings for other homosexual couples, not residing or just passing through Argentina. This is our story. It can also be yours.

Kenan Zorlu, entrepreneur. Vienna, Austria (1984). Founder and owner of Highlight Hotel (Turkey). I have experience in hotel administration and management, organization of events and work with our partners worldwide. I am available to our clients to resolve their concerns and provide advice. I am in charge of organising and managing the GMM schedules with clients.

Kenan Zorlu

Tolga Han Orde, chef. Istanbul, Turkey (1989). I have traveled around the world to enrich and develop my profession. In the knowledge of diverse cultures and cuisines, my experience is based on generating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Tolga Han Orde

María Julia Bauzá, lawyer. Mendoza, Argentina (1986). Since I began to practice my profession, I am committed to social work and the expansion of rights. I have extensive experience in management and representation of clients. I perform all the legal procedures for the realisation of marriage between homosexual couples.

Maria Julia Bauzá

Marcos Torres, entrepreneur. Mendoza, Argentina (1981). I am founder & director of OVNI LOOKERIA, styling salon. I have vast experience in conducting and producing interdisciplinary events as well as personnel management. I am in charge of creating original and personalised settings by fusing style, aesthetics and design.

Marcos Torres

Programs and Prices

We designed these programs with your utmost comfort and pleasure in mind. The more we know about you and your interests the more tailored an experience we can provide. Our multilingual, multicultural team will be at your disposal 24/7 to make your stay unforgettable and an experience of your lifetime.

Get Married

  • General formalities
  • Civil registry booking (21 days prior to wedding)
  • Interpreter in every language
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Certificate validating your marriage

U$2.499 U$999 more info

Get Married And Relax

  • 6 night stay at a beautiful hotel in the hippest part of Mendoza
  • Transfers to and from the airport and wedding
  • 24/7 support
  • Wine tour

U$5.499 U$3.999 more info

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a legal marriage certificate important for gay couples?

So anyone can get married in Argentina, even non-residents?

Does this also apply to same-sex couples?

Neither my partner nor I speak Spanish or English, will that be an issue?

Can we expect any extra costs like taxes or similar?

How do we make the payment?

How many days in advance do we have to arrive in Mendoza?

Can we choose the date of our wedding?

What obligations do we have and which do you?

Should we be worried about any risks or the denial of our marriage?

How long after the ceremony do we receive our internationally acknowledged certificate?

What if one of us is divorced or widowed?

The Law

Currently, Argentina and Canada are the only 2 countries where same sex marriage for foreigners is permitted.

People aiming to come to Argentina, don’t need to apply for a visa, while Canada requires you to apply for a visa even as a tourist.

Since July 21, 2010 and the enactment of law no. 26.618 any couple that complies with the requirements stated in the Civil Code has the right to get married, regardless of the nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation of the spouses. This Law, know as the “Marriage Equality Law” gives lesbians, gays, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, transvestites and transsexuals of any nationality the right to get married.

The precedents of this law can be tracked to the Civil Union Law, approved in Buenos Aires in 2002.

Gay Marriage Experience

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